Getting down and dirty

I haven’t got to do this recently but today I went out to take some job pictures with the crew. This, despite my hatred for driving in Portland is one of my favorite things to do. Constantly being under houses and on your belly in the water and mud is not at all a fun job. It is cold, damp, wet and generally icky. I don’t like any of that. What I do like though is watching the crews work. When I show up to a job to take pictures it is almost always the same routine. I look for our truck in front of a customers house and park near to them.

I take pictures of the truck in front of the houses (I like this because most of the houses are these great expensive and wonderful pristine houses and yet they have these awful spaces under their home they were never aware of) . After this, I find the crew and check in. Once all is said and I have suited up if I am going into the crawlspace is where the fun starts. The crews tell me about the project and what they have done so far. They tell me about unique challenges to the jobs and how they plan to fix it. Then I get to watch them. I listen to them chit chat and banter and laugh no matter how wet and dark and gross a crawlspace may be. They include me in their banter and ask about the office and general how are things. I feel pride in our company, and their dedication to a job well done every time I go to the job site. 20160404_130443.jpg


The Power and Position of Reviews

Prior to being in Marketing, I had a very consumer concept of reviews. When doing research on a product I wanted to buy or place that I wanted to go I might browse through them and think more favorably of companies with good reviews. At the same time I never really took the time to write a review. I can think of maybe five reviews I have written in regards to my experience with a business or a product (and none of them were good). Now working in Marketing, I use and analyze these reviews every day. It seems that most consumers would have the same opinion that I had regarding reviews and the importance of writing them. Coming from a business, let me profess how much we love reviews and use them.

When I go through our reviews, which I do weekly. I look for a few key items. The very first is customer satisfaction. Was the customer happy with our job, our crew, our office process? What did they like the most, is there a specific person I can praise or give a gift card to in order to show our appreciation? If they were not happy with any of these facets I look for reasons why. Was it something avoidable that we need to train on? Is it based upon one personality or individual? These reviews result in manager notification, retraining, or (in some horrible events) termination. Businesses crave feedback both positive and negative. This allows for us to grow and make changes and move forward. It lets a company know what they are doing right and what they need to improve upon. When I think about it on this level it always makes me think about training a dog. If the dog is never told that it should not pee on the floor or chew up shoes, it will never know that you don’t like that behavior. Similarly if you reward the pet for doing right by giving them treats they will want to continue to do the same thing. We as company use these to correct our negative behaviors and reward the positive.

So please please take the time to share your experiences with others, good or bad!

Speaking of, if your a customer you can review us now! 🙂

“We use Angie’s List to assess whether we’re doing a good job keeping valued customers like you happy. Please visit in order to grade our quality of work and customer service. up to number 8