Getting down and dirty

I haven’t got to do this recently but today I went out to take some job pictures with the crew. This, despite my hatred for driving in Portland is one of my favorite things to do. Constantly being under houses and on your belly in the water and mud is not at all a fun job. It is cold, damp, wet and generally icky. I don’t like any of that. What I do like though is watching the crews work. When I show up to a job to take pictures it is almost always the same routine. I look for our truck in front of a customers house and park near to them.

I take pictures of the truck in front of the houses (I like this because most of the houses are these great expensive and wonderful pristine houses and yet they have these awful spaces under their home they were never aware of) . After this, I find the crew and check in. Once all is said and I have suited up if I am going into the crawlspace is where the fun starts. The crews tell me about the project and what they have done so far. They tell me about unique challenges to the jobs and how they plan to fix it. Then I get to watch them. I listen to them chit chat and banter and laugh no matter how wet and dark and gross a crawlspace may be. They include me in their banter and ask about the office and general how are things. I feel pride in our company, and their dedication to a job well done every time I go to the job site. 20160404_130443.jpg


Humidity brings mold, mildew, and risks to your health and home

Our phones ring endlessly when the rains come. Homeowners with water leaking into their basement, invading their space or their duct work. In the spring the phones stay steady with reports that the home inspector said they have water in the crawlspace that needs corrected to sell the house. Yet once summer comes the calls wind down as things begin to dry out and the water issues are not so immediate or intrusive. Summer is when water and moisture issues can create the most damage though. Warm air means Condensation. This moisture then leads to mold, mildew and musty smells inside the home.
Humid 80 degree air outside the home (like we have had this last week), entering 55 degree crawlspaces through open vents creates problems for homeowners. The warm 80 degree air holds more moisture than the cooler 55 degree air inside the crawlspace does. When the warm air that enters is cooled in the crawl space and the relative humidity increases, condensation occurs. In effect, it’s raining in the crawlspace. Left unaddressed, within 48 hours mold begins to grow on the organic material in the crawlspace. The off-gasses of the growing mold produce musty, moldy odors that permeate up into the living space of the home. Most homeowners have no idea that this is even occurring below them. What they are aware is that these nasty smells are now in their home and they were not there when it was cooler inside.

This musty moldy insulation could be under your home
This musty moldy insulation could be under your home

It truly is the moisture not the water that creates the majority of health issues under the home. A SaniDry dehumidifier will eliminate this condensation and keep mold and mildew from growing. It would also be a prime time to get those water issues addressed before you are dealing with water in your home!!!