Blazers vs. Timberwolves, Thoughts from the Concord…

This is our first year partnering with the Blazers and the BBB and thus far it has been fairly exciting. It has included meetings, photo opportunities, as well as getting to pick an Honorary Captain for one of the games. One of the opportunities afforded to us was having a table set up on the concord outside the arena at one of the games. This would allow for us to meet and talk to hundreds of our fellow #Ripcity supporters and provide a little name recognition and brand awareness.

We were told we could bring materials and information to give to patrons and to have readily available at our booth. Sadly though, waterproofing is not very fun and exciting to most people. It is not really a topic of conversation or thought on game day. This left us needing something a little more “jazzy”. Noise. During any game I have been to the stadium/arena is loud and full of yelling, whistling, cheering, clapping and stomping. With this in mind we purchased 300 small assorted noise makers and went to work labeling them with our stickers. Easy way to get our name out in the crowd right? Boxes of shiny noisy toys in hand, I set out for the arena.

At 5 pm the Concord outside the arena was already bustling with activities from vendors, facilitators and a few very eager fans. (To those who may not know, the Concord is the food and goods area that wraps around the arena). I set to work placing our signs and literature on the table as pleasantly as I could without our full display, along side handfuls of noisy toys. With only a few issues, and some help from Laurelwood Brewing, we were up and running. People began to file in, but very few looked in my direction. How do I get attention to the fact I have free goodies? Do people even want things like this? Then it hit me, I’m surrounded by noise makers! As soon as I started with the clappers and horns, we were a hit. Kids of all ages and fun seekers flocked to the booth for their noise making treats. Including an entire gaggle of first grade age students. (I am sorry to whoever sat in their section).

After not too long the sound of; horns, whistles, clappers and honking could be heard throughout the Concord. I smiled to myself thinking about Ripcity honking horns and clapping furiously while Minnesota attempted to make their shots. I feared initially that parents would be upset with me giving their kids tools of incredibly annoying sounds, but fortunately for me noise seems to be part of the experience. As the game progressed, and the Blazers continued to push up the score, more people sought out our table. Many bringing their friends this time. Winning games call for celebration of course! I wish I had been in the arena to see if I could spot the numerous brightly colored horns and clappers. Now the next day I wonder how many people still have their noise makers and how many parents are going to see our label on the toy and frown. Maybe labels were a bad idea…

Well, the night was fun, noise makers a hit and another event in the books. If anyone has pics from the game (especially if they got a noisy toy from us) we would love to see them!

blazer game




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