Why Your Home Might Not Sell

“Our inspector said we have water in our crawlspace and have to get it fixed.”

 Our receptionist hears this statement all the time from individuals selling or refinancing their home. Many of them have never been in their crawlspace, or have any idea what is lurking down there. Home inspectors realize what a huge issue water and moisture can be. It can rot the foundation of a home, and make for an unhealthy living environment for the new buyer. Water in your crawlspace could be caused by the accumulation of moisture over time, leaking from your crawlspace vents, or poor drainage outside your home.

“Poor water drainage can affect shallow wells and basements where water system components live. Inspectors will want to see that the property provides enough drainage so that standing water is not an issue. If there is standing water on the property or a lack of drainage apparatus on the home, such as gutters, that can be a red flag for an inspector (Coulter, 2014).”

We have seen on several occasions where excessive ground water has seeped into wells or wreaked havoc on a septic system. (Including raw sewage just seeping or stagnating under a home). You do not want this! There are obvious reasons why. Ground water can have several contaminants that have collected along the waters travels. This could include feces, chemicals that may be on the ground, or any other host of dangerous bacteria. If these end up seeping into your well your family could be consuming some pretty foul things in your water. Your wells quality and flow are part of the inspection process. If you are selling a home, contaminated water presents a huge road block. If your yard is routinely soggy or muddy (like for example, you sink into your grass when you walk across it) it is an indication you may have drainage issues. If you have drainage issues, and a crawlspace, you likely have water in your crawlspace.

Thus far I have focused on what will get you in trouble for selling your home. These issues exist even if you are not selling your home (that just happens to be when most of these issues are discovered). Fortunately we have solutions to all of these problems. Whether you are selling or refinancing your home, or even if you are staying put, it is always a good idea to know your home and anything that could pose a risk in the future. Give us a call and we will come out and provide a free inspection, take photos and let you know if you have issues that need to be addressed.


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