Experience Comes with Age

Many claim to be pioneers in the industry or to have been there since the beginning, but claiming it and being it are often two different things. Although John doesn’t regularly claim it, he was in fact one of the first to go into the waterproofing business here on the West Coast. John began the company in 1973 with his wife Mavis with only four things; a bucket, a chisel, a brush, and some paint on waterproofing mix. When John began his career in Waterproofing, he knew virtually nothing about it. To his benefit, neither did anyone else.

With the years has come a great deal of trial and error, as well as costly mistakes. For example if you seal one area water will find another way to get out, if you seal the floor without an outlet the pressure will lift the floor. If you wrap the vapor barrier around the posts the moisture will quickly rot out the foundational posts. Now 40 years in, John is an expert in basement science and water control methods. John has taken the knowledge he has accumulated over the years and shared it with anyone willing to listen, including competitors.

Now Waterproofing as well as crawlspace encapsulation has become a rapidly expanding industry with many in the construction field providing waterproofing. I will caution though not everyone does it the same, and not everyone does it properly. We at John’s Waterproofing encourage our clients to seek multiple bids and ask several questions. How do they wrap their posts, where do they attach the vapor barrier along the walls, what do they use to seal the seams, what materials do they use?

Remember, you get what you pay for. When done properly the first time the benefits and values will pay for themselves quickly. We strive to be honest and provide our customers with the highest quality products and installation while still not sacrificing performance or efficiency. Feel free to see other bids but there is definitely something to be said about the expertise that comes with 40 years of experience.

Tamara Collins, Marketing Coordinator for John’s Waterproofing Company


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