Keily Student Ambassador by Marisol Alvarado – GoFundMe

via Keily Student Ambassador by Marisol Alvarado – GoFundMe.


This young lady, our production coordinator’s daughter, has the chance at an amazing opportunity!


Growing Pains

Well today is the day! We have brought on two more staff and they are starting training today đŸ™‚ We are pretty excited about it, but with new staff come changes to the structure and flow of the office. This part of the process can be a bit uncomfortable at first trying to figure out who will sit where, what everyone will be responsible for and how we are going to structure this whole thing. Going to be a bit of a crazy morning! Any suggestions to help make this a smoother transition?

How Smart Vents Save Homeowners Money


These amazing vents are mechanically engineered to save home owners money! The open and seal on their own to provide proper air flow as well as in the event of flood ensure that your home won’t collapse. If you live in a flood plain call about these and save yourself thousands of dollars per year!