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Reduce Your Flood Premiums!!

Floods in Oregon happen. Due to that, individuals in Flood Plains are required to carry flood insurance and these rates are rapidly increasing due to new federal regulations. Our team can help you significantly reduce your flood premiums through the installation of Smart Vents.


Floods Destroy Property

Smart Vents are mechanically engineered to protect your home’s foundation from hydrostatic pressure. To ensure that flooding suchflood as this does not leave you homeless.
This is not somewhere back east, this is not somewhere foreign. This image is right here in our Pacific Northwest.
Are you prepared?
We can’t stop the floods but we can help you be better prepared.

What is Your Flood Risk?

Looking at by a new home, or curious what your risk rating is? This Fflood risk evaluatorlood Risk Evaluator will tell you what your risk rate is and then we can give you a quote to help prepare for floods and lower your flood premiums. We can help you.

Give us a call today and we can check your current risk, flood rates and provide you an estimate on what it would take to reduce your flood premium and ensure that your house is protected.

Check Your Risk


Getting down and dirty

I haven’t got to do this recently but today I went out to take some job pictures with the crew. This, despite my hatred for driving in Portland is one of my favorite things to do. Constantly being under houses and on your belly in the water and mud is not at all a fun job. It is cold, damp, wet and generally icky. I don’t like any of that. What I do like though is watching the crews work. When I show up to a job to take pictures it is almost always the same routine. I look for our truck in front of a customers house and park near to them.

I take pictures of the truck in front of the houses (I like this because most of the houses are these great expensive and wonderful pristine houses and yet they have these awful spaces under their home they were never aware of) . After this, I find the crew and check in. Once all is said and I have suited up if I am going into the crawlspace is where the fun starts. The crews tell me about the project and what they have done so far. They tell me about unique challenges to the jobs and how they plan to fix it. Then I get to watch them. I listen to them chit chat and banter and laugh no matter how wet and dark and gross a crawlspace may be. They include me in their banter and ask about the office and general how are things. I feel pride in our company, and their dedication to a job well done every time I go to the job site. 20160404_130443.jpg

We grow through learning

Today John is presenting to Architects at the Architecture Institute of Oregon. It is interesting to see how many building professionals do not know what our company does our why.  They do know the codes though. These educational meetings allow our company to teach the professionals even more.  Little things people don’t think about that make a huge difference.  That is our industry. What a great meeting with a great company and a great group of people. 


What Lies Beneath Your Home?

When was the last time you went into your crawlspace? Have you ever been down there? Truth be told, I don’t blame you for not wanting to be down there. The environment of the traditional crawlspace is not one that most people would want to spend any time in. Water and moisture seep in from the cold wet winters outside through open vents, evaporation from tears in the vapor barrier, high outdoor temperatures in the summer, or water left at construction,  and all of this evaporates up into the insulation causing it to sag and fall down. Falling insulation provides absolutely zero benefit and provides a channel for that wet air to travel up into your home. Up to 50% of the air on the first level of a home comes from that crawlspace. This air could be full of mold spores, allergens, and other potentially hazardous air pollutants. That is why having a crawl space inspection is so important to your families health and your homes well-being.

Many homeowners will say, “I looked at the pictures on your website and my space doesn’t look anything like that”. Or “My space just needs a few little things and I’d like to make it look nicer.  Well, we deal with that situation also. I’d like to clarify though. Just because it doesn’t look bad does not mean that you don’t have an issue. You don’t have to have water to have potential health concerns or structure damage. The true risks and issues with a crawlspace stem from the relative humidity being too high. The relative humidity in a dry crawlspace is between 70 to 80% year round. Mold begins to grow at a relative humidity of 60%

Muddy crawlspace

For some of you, there may be no water or moisture and you may just want the air and energy benefits that come with our products and services. Maybe you just want to transfer that damp dark space into a livable portion of the house, our systems ensure that as well. Our CleanSpace encapsulation system will save your roughly 30% in energy savings from heating and cooling. You will also see improved indoor air quality and many people report a significant decrease in cold and flu-like symptoms and allergies. Our crews work hard daily to help customers combat their water issues and provide reliable and affordable solutions to make that space better. We are a team of specialists dedicated to hard work, integrity, and doing everything we can for our customers.

With the years has come a great deal of trial and error, as well as costly mistakes. For example, if you seal one area water will find another way to get out, if you seal the floor without an outlet the pressure will lift the floor. If you wrap the vapor barrier around the posts the moisture will quickly rot out the foundational posts. Now 40 years in, we are experts in basement and crawlspace science and water control methods. Now is the best time to get your free inspection and have your work done before the rains hit the valley. Call our office today to schedule!


Lunch and Learn Continuing Education Class June 17th

We have the knowledge to solve the big issues
We have the knowledge to solve the big issues

As with everything in life, the more you know the better prepared you can be. As the expert for your customer here is some information that you need to know:

Water damage is one of the most common reasons people make claims on their home insurance. Burst pipes, leaky appliances and flooded basements often lead people to discover the details of their home (Water Damage, 2012).

Water seeps from the ground into your basement, damaging your foundation and interior. Are you covered? Most likely not. Seepage is considered a maintenance problem, not “sudden and accidental” damage, and is excluded from home insurance coverage (Water Damage, 2012).

Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, according to EPA estimates.  Overall, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer (EPA, 2013).

John’s Waterproofing is offering FREE Continuing Education Credits regarding Water Intrusion. This class covers:

  • Why Basements and Crawl Spaces Leak
  • Problems Caused from Leakage and Water Vapor under a home
  • Failing Building Codes of new construction that Create Water Issues
  • Health Risks associated with Damp Crawlspaces and Basements
  • How you can be the Hero to your client and save them thousands
  • Products and Treatments to keep your customers Healthy and Happy

John’s Waterproofing Company is a basement and crawl space waterproofing specialist and has over 30 years’ experience keeping basements and crawl spaces dry and healthy. We can provide “Identifying Water Intrusion Problems” in a one, two, or three hour format.